roller smoothing asphalt

Protect Your Investment with Routine Asphalt Maintenance

We provide asphalt maintenance services to ensure the longest life expectancy of your new asphalt. If your current pavement is in need of vast improvements, trust Superior Asphalt Paving in Woodhull, IL, to improve the appearance of your asphalt without the hefty replacements costs.  We are the full-service paving contractor you deserve.

Asphalt Maintenance


Infrared Repair

Crack Fill



filling potholes


Is your asphalt driveway or parking lot not looking as good as it used to?  Do you have cracks or crumbling but worry that patching it won’t look right? Superior Asphalt Paving has maintenance options for you to consider that will restore the beauty of your asphalt without the cost of full replacement.

We use advanced infrared repair technology when removing and replacing isn't necessary. We know the exact asphalt mix and method to use. 


Superior Asphalt Paving will put life back into your asphalt pavement and extend life expectancy. Our skilled team will recommend the best procedure and solution to exceed all your expectations. Let our company restore your asphalt today!

parking lot striping


Whether you need your new Superior Asphalt parking lot striped or your outdated striping refinished, we handle the project from start to finish and only use the best material available for a long-lasting solution.  We guarantee the striping will enhance the appearance of your new or maintenanced parking lot. 

Renew the look of your pavement with our routine asphalt maintenance, sealcoating, or striping services. Call to receive your free estimate today!