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An asphalt mix for every need

Your driveway is the first thing visitors see as they approach your home. What do you want them to think? Do you want them to see a cracked concrete driveway, or smooth, fresh asphalt? No matter how much work you do on landscaping and painting your home, it won't mean much if your driveway doesn't impress.

When you work with Superior Asphalt Paving Inc. you'll benefit from more than 25 years of experience and will have insured workers helping you understand the different mixing possibilities and the benefits of each.

More than just driveways

Asphalt is a great material for a number of projects, including walkways, tennis courts, pathways, and basketball courts.


If you have a project and you need asphalt - then you need Superior Asphalt Paving Inc. No matter where you are in the design process, we can help!

Get it right from the source

When you choose our company, you're not just choosing a company that can mix your asphalt and expertly spread it - you're choosing to work directly with the supplier.


We have our own asphalt plant, which lets us cut out the middle man and go right to the source.

The work on your project is guaranteed. Choose the company that stands behind their work.