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Patching may be easier than you think

Does your asphalt driveway, walkway, parking lot, or tennis court not look as great as it once did? Do you want to fix the problem but worry that patching won't look right, but the expense of replacing it altogether is more than you're willing to take on? Then there's good news for you - you've got options!

You've likely seen a poorly patched driveway before. The newly poured asphalt doesn't look the same as the old and there are seams and other ugly imperfections. Superior Asphalt Paving Inc. uses superior processes that help prevent these problems.

Discover infrared repair

When you choose to work with us, you can take advantage of infrared repair. This process allows us to achieve a seamless repair that blends perfectly with your existing pavement.


With other methods, cracks can form where the hot asphalt is placed against the cold edge of the surrounding asphalt, but infrared doesn't have this problem.

The infrared difference

When you choose infrared repairs, the edge of the repair area is thermally bonded with the existing asphalt. When you remove the cold joints from the equation, there is no point of weakness - and there are no cracks!


All the work you get from Superior Asphalt is guaranteed, so you can feel confident your job will be completed to your satisfaction.

Infrared repairs have changed the way asphalt is repaired.